January 28, 2023


The complete guide to the beginners as well as to the experienced Web Developers

Commonly used short form and their full form for web

When interacting with web development then you should know the full form of below keyword.

Here is commonly used short form and their full form for the web application.

  AJAX  =>  Asynchronous JavaScript And XML
    API   =>  Application Programming Interface
    ASCII =>  American Standard Code for Information Interchange
    CMS   =>  Content Management System
    CSS   =>  Cascading Style Sheet
    CGI   =>  Common Gateway Interface
    CLI   =>  Command Line Interface
    DB    =>  DataBase
    DNS   =>  Domain Name System
    DOM   =>  Document Object Model
    FTP   =>  File Transfer Protocol
    GD    =>  Graphics Draw | Gif Draw
    HTML  =>  Hypertext Markup Language
    HTTP  =>  Hypertext Transfer Protocol
    HTTPS =>  Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
    IP    =>  Internet Protocol
    IIS   =>  Internet Information Services
    JS    =>  JavaScript
    JSON  =>  JavaScript Object Notation
    LAMP  =>  Linux Apache MySQL PHP
    MAMP  =>  Macintosh Apache MySQL PHP
    MIME  =>  Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
    OOP   =>  Object Oriented Programming
    PCRE  =>  Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
    PEAR  =>  PHP Extension and Application Repository
    PECL  =>  PHP Extension Community Library
    PHP   =>  Hypertext Preprocessor
    PDO   =>  PHP Data Objects
    POSIX =>  Portable Operating System Interface
    RegEx =>  Regular Expression
    REST  =>  Representational State Transfer
    RSS   =>  Really Simple Syndication
    SAPI  =>  Server Application Programming Interface
    SOAP  =>  Simple Object Access Protocol
    SPL   =>  Standard PHP Library
    SMTP  =>  Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
    SQL   =>  Structured Query Language
    INI   =>  INItialization
    SEO   =>  Search Engine Optimization
    PING  =>  Packet InterNet Groper
    SSH   =>  Secure SHell
    SSL   =>  Secure Sockets Layer
    UCS   =>  Universal Character Set
    URI   =>  Uniform Resource Identifier
    URL   =>  Uniform Resource Locator
    UTF   =>  Unicode Transformation Format
    WAMP  =>  Windows Apache MySQL PHP
    WWW   =>  World Wide Web
    XAMPP =>  X (any of four different operating systems) Apache MySQL PHP & Perl
    XML   =>  eXtensible Markup Language
    XML-RPC=> XML Remote Procedure Call
    XSS   =>  cross Site Scripting