January 28, 2023


The complete guide to the beginners as well as to the experienced Web Developers

Installation of ReactJS

Simply steps of installation of ReactJS and how to create ReactJS project. you should know about basic of Node.js
First, we learn basic of ReactJS, ReactJS is component-based architecture. Component-based means UI logic is limited with component, components work same any position in UI like an Angular directive

Each component made with below code

First, Install the globe package
Linux based OS

Other OS

You can create a new app with the command

If create-react-app not work then you can use installation path create-react-app like

After complete all process of installation.

Now go to src/index.js

and just clean all code write alert(‘ok’); and save file. and check browser http://localhost:3000 so you can understand whatever javascipt write here it’s direct execute in a browser.


Try below code for how can component work

save file. and check browser http://localhost:3000