Monitor PHP CPU & Memory Usage

Get CPU and memory usage in PHP with these easy steps. Monitor your PHP application's performance and identify bottlenecks to improve efficiency below PHP code.

Monitoring CPU and memory usage in PHP is crucial for optimizing performance. Here are some techniques you can use to track CPU and memory usage within your PHP code:

  • memory_get_usage(): The memory_get_usage() the function returns the current memory consumption of your PHP script in bytes. You can strategically place this function at different points in your code to measure memory usage.
 $memoryUsage = memory_get_usage(); // Memory usage in bytes
echo "Memory Usage: " . $memoryUsage . " bytes";
  • memory_get_peak_usage(): This function provides peak memory usage during the execution of your PHP script. It helps identify the maximum amount of memory utilized.
 $peakMemoryUsage = memory_get_peak_usage(); // Peak memory usage in bytes
echo "Peak Memory Usage: " . $peakMemoryUsage . " bytes";
  • getrusage(): Using the getrusage() function, you can obtain resource usage statistics, including CPU time. It returns an array with information about the resources used by the current PHP process, allowing you to extract CPU usage data.
 $resourceUsage = getrusage();
$cpuUsage = $resourceUsage['ru_utime.tv_usec'] + $resourceUsage['ru_stime.tv_usec']; // CPU usage in microseconds
echo "CPU Usage: " . $cpuUsage . " microseconds";

Remember that CPU and memory usage may vary depending on the server environment and other factors. The techniques above provide a general approach to measuring CPU and memory usage within a PHP script. Implementing these methods can aid in optimizing your application's performance.