Making API Calls from MySQL Query - A Guide

This guide explains how to make API calls from a MySQL query using user-defined functions (UDFs) like http_get. We'll show you how to install the necessary libraries

This can be useful for tasks like data migration, data enrichment, or data synchronization between different systems. With this guide, you'll be able to leverage the power of APIs in your MySQL queries and streamline your data processing workflows. 

Here are the steps to use the http_get function to make HTTP requests from a MySQL query:

Install the lib_mysqludf_http library on your MySQL server. You can download the library from the official GitHub repository: h

1.  git clone

2.  echo "/var/lib/mysql" > /etc/

3.  echo "/var/lib/mysql/lib/mysql/" > /etc/

4.  ./configure --prefix=/var/lib/mysql --with-mysql=/var/lib/mysql/bin/mysql_config

5.  /var/lib/mysql -S /tmp/mysql.sock

6. create function http_get returns string soname '';

7.  create function http_post returns string soname '';

8. create function http_put returns string soname '';

9. create function http_delete returns string soname '';

SELECT http_get('') AS data;

With these steps, you can use the http_get function to make HTTP requests from your MySQL queries and integrate external data sources into your database workflows.